Restore to Last Position

A short explanation: “Restore to Last Position” restores an object to the previously rezzed coordinates on a region *via* position 0, 0, 0 on the region. It doesn't use the region name or global coordinates, so this is lucky.

You must have rez rights at 0, 0, 0 on a region to use this command. If you do not have rez rights at that location, Restore to Last Position will fail; ref. SVC-7907.

To get rez rights at that location, contact your landlord or the sim owner to request rights.


If you do not have rez rights at 0, 0, 0 on your home region, and need to restore, for example, part of your house to its exact previous position, follow the steps below for a work-around to this.

  • Take note of the approximate position the object should occupy.
  • Go to a sandbox with rez rights given on the entire region. For example:
    here or here.
  • Go to the approximate location your object will appear, and ground sit (Ctrl+Alt+S) or fly, if the position is in the sky.
  • Make sure no innocent bystanders will be crushed under your object, and right-click, “Restore to Last Position”.
  • Your object will first rez at position 0, 0, 0 then immediately move to its previously rezzed coordinates. After it appears, right-click, “Edit”.
  • Go to the Object tab of the Build Tools floater, and click the C next to Position.
  • Take the object into inventory.
  • Teleport home, rez the object by dragging it to the ground.
  • Right-click, “Edit” and on the Object tab of Build Tools, click the P button next to position. The object will be placed exactly where it had been.

Naturally, this becomes much more complex with coalesced objects, as you have to rez out then do the above steps one object at a time.

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