restrainedLoveToggles the RestrainedLove features (lockable attachments support). Needs a retart of the viewer.
RestrainedLoveDebugToggles the RestrainedLove debug mode (displays the commands when in debug mode).
RestrainedLoveForbidGiveToRLVWhen TRUE, forbids to give sub-folders to the #RLV RestrainedLove folder.
RestrainedLoveNoSetEnvWhen TRUE, forbids to set the enviroment (time of day and windlight settngs) via RestrainedLove. Needs a restart of the viewer.
RestrainedLoveOffsetAvatarZOffset the avatar
RestrainedLoveReplaceWhenFolderBeginsWithIf a folder name begins with this string, its attach behavior will always be “replace”, never “stack”. Default is blank (disabled).
RestrainedLoveStackWhenFolderBeginsWithIf a folder name begins with this string, it attach behavior wil always be “stack”, never “replace”. Default is “+“
RLVADebugHideUnsetDuplicateSupresses reporting “unset” or “duplicate” command restrictions when RestainedLoveDebug is TRUE
RLVaEnablelcompositeFoldersEnables composite folders for shared inventory
RLVaEnableLegacyNamingEnables legacy naming convention for folders
RLVaEnablesharedWearAttachments in the shared #RLV folder can be force-attached without needing to specify an attachment point
RLVaHideLockedAttachmentsHides non-detachable worn tachments from @getattach
RLVaHideLockedLayersHides “remove outfit” restricted worn clothing layers from @getoutfit
RLVaLoginLastLocationDetermines whether the next login will be forced to the last logoff location (set by the viewer)
RLVaSharedInvAutoRenameAutomatically renames shared inventory items when worn
RLVaShowNameTagsDisplay of names above avatars in subject to the general “Show Names” setting when @shownames=n restricted
warnFirstRLVGiveToRLVEnables FirstRLVGiveToRLV warning dialog
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