Groups - Members and Roles

This tab gives access to the membership list and group roles. It is in turn divided into four tabs.


The first section shows the list of group members 1). It is divided into 3 columns: name, donation and status. The donation column indicates whether the member has donated land to the group, and if so, the parcel size in sqm. Status shows the date of last login, or whether currently online. The list may be sorted by clicking any of the column headers.

If you click on a name, the middle and lower sections of the tab populate. More on those briefly.

Below the member list are two buttons, which will be activated only if your group role permits.

  • Invite: Click this is you wish to invite someone to the group. A selector window opens; click on Open Resident Chooser to open the Avatar Picker, type in all or part of the person's name, then click Go. Select from the results and click Select. Then select the role to which you wish to assign the person, and finally Send Invitations.
  • Eject: If you click this button, you will be able to eject the select person from the group (assuming you have the ability to do so). The person will be notified, as will group owners.
  • Ban Members(s): The highlighted group member(s) will be added to the list of banned accounts. Note that this does not ask for confirmation, so be careful when selecting name(s)! 2)
  • Export List: Exports the list of group members to a CSV file, which includes: user name, UUID and status.
    This is available only to users who are publically visible in the member list, to non-members. In other words, whose whose role has “Reveal memebrs” enabled.

The middle section of this tab lists the available group roles. The roles assigned to the currently selected group member will have a check mark. If you have the ability, you can change the role(s) for the person here, then save changes with the button at the bottom.

The bottom section allows you to override specific role settings for the selected group member - again, assuming your own group role allows it.


In this tab, you can view - and if your own role allows, modify - the group roles (titles) and associated abilities. The top section lists the role names, the title to be displayed as a tag and the count of members in that roles. This list may be sorted by clicking any column titles.

Below this are two buttons:

  • New Role: Allows a new role to be created. Note that a group can have at most 10 roles, including the two predefined ones, Owner and Everyone, which cannot be deleted or renamed.
  • Delete Role: Deletes the role selected in the list above.

Following this is a section where the details of the currently selected role can be edited: the name of the role, the title (which is shown as an avatar tag), an optional description of the role, and a check box, Reveal members; if enabled, then people in this role will be visible on the groups membership list to anyone viewing the group profile, including non-members.

Underneath this section is a list of avatars who are assigned to the currently selected role.

And lastly, there is the list of abilities associated with the role. Enable or disable as appropriate for the role.


This third tab gives an overview of the previous two, from the perspective of abilities.

The top section lists all group abilities. Select one, and the sections below will list which group roles, and which group members, have the corresponding ability.

Banned Residents

This tab shows the list of currently banned people for the group. (Note that you can have up to 500 banned accounts.) The list shows the person's name, and the date banned.

To add new people to the list, click the Ban Resident(s) button; this opens a window allowing to to select people to add. To remove someone from the ban list, highlight the name, then click on Remove Ban(s).

Note that for large groups, the list can take some time to fully populate; some functions will not be available until it is completely loaded.
Group bans have a few quirks. If you ban someone who is active in the group, the person will still be able to post to group chat, until they shut the window or relog. So the best thing to do is to first revoke chat rights via group moderator options, then add to the ban list.
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