This window may be accessed from the About Land -> General tab. It is used to sell the parcel to others - assuming you have the ability and rights to do so.

Sell Land

The top of the window gives some basic information about the parcel: the name and size in sqm. Following this are three steps which lead to setting the land for sale:

  • Set a price: Specify the price, in L$, for which you wish to sell the parcel.
  • Sell the land to: You may select a specific person to sell the land to. This will prevent anyone else from purchasing it. Useful if you have made a prior arrangement with the new owner.
  • Sell the objects with the land: You can decide to include all rezzed, transferrable objects in the sale of the parcel. If you do, the ownership of those objects will transfer as soon as the parcel is sold.

When you are ready with the above, click on “Set Land for Sale”. And remember, once the land has sold, that's that; you cannot change your mind. (However, you can cancel the sale at any time prior to the land being purchased.)

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