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What is this ?

SLURL Proxy is an application that will handle SLURLs on your Windows system. Clicking a slurl on the web, will open SLURL Proxy, which will forward the SLURL to the viewer you have chosen. Alternatively, SLURL Proxy gives you the option to set a viewer of choice directly, without using the proxy function.

Why is that interesting ?

Various Second Life viewers you might, or may already have installed, overwrite your registry settings and change the way slurls are handled on your system, but without asking you.

SLURL Proxy provides an easy and user friendly way to correct this, without you having to tamper with your registry, and whenever you feel like changing your settings.

You can download SLURL Proxy, and unpack it to a location of your choice. Double click SLURL Proxy.exe to start it.

How to use it ?

Upon start up, SLURL Proxy will check to see if it's the default slurl handler. If it is not, it will inform you about that, and ask you if you'd like to use SLURL Proxy as default instead.

When you have set SLURL Proxy as default,(or even before that) you can simply drag one or more viewer shortcuts onto the application window, and they should be listed with viewer name, and icon. After this, you can close SLURL Proxy and it's ready to go.

SLURL Proxy allows you to add several viewers, and one always needs to be the default viewer to use. The default viewer is the one where the checkbox is checked. If you would like to change the default viewer, simply click the viewer of your choice in the list.

That's it.

Firefox or Chrome might be asking you what application to use when you click a slurl on the web, and if so, it will also display a choice of associated applications, in which the application you defined as default (for example SLURL Proxy or a Viewer.exe), will be highlighted.

Internet Explorer should simply be showing a dialog that informs you about the application that is trying to handle the clicked slurl, and if you want to allow that.

If you wish to set a viewer as default slurl handler instead of SLURL proxy, then you simply need to click Set other SLURL handler in the menu, and drag the shortcut of your favourite viewer onto the window.

Requires .NET 3.5 and only runs on Windows

The file you download, is a packaged as a zip archive.

SLURLs opening in a different Viewer ?

  • Start SLURL Proxy
  • In the dialog asking if SLURL Proxy should be the default SLURL handler, click NO
  • In the top menu, click “Set other SLURL handler”
  • Drag your Firestorm short cut onto the SLURL Proxy Window
  • You're done and can close SLURL Proxy

Please note : If you already have a Viewer running, then any SLURLs will open in that Viewer, regardless of your settings.

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