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Snapshot Window

If you wish to take in-world snapshots, click the Snapshot button on the bottom button bar, or from the top menu bar, Avatar → Snapshot. 1) The Snapshot window gives options which allow you to control where to save, how large the image should be, and several others. They are explained below.

On the right is the snapshot preview area. This shows what part of your view will be included in the snapshot. Click Refresh, upper left, to refresh the preview.

If you click the « to the right of Refresh, the snapshot window changes orientation, becoming vertical with a smaller preview window. Click the » to revert to the default layout. This page describes the default, but the same principles apply to the vertical layout.

To the left of snapshot preview area, there are several options:

  • Capture section: you may select what you wish to take a snapshot of:
    • Colors or Depth: Colors speaks for itself. Depth creates a grey-scale image where objects close by are dark, while those further away are light. Such an image can be combined with the Color image in image postwork.
    • Interface: If enabled, this will include the viewer interface in the picture.
      • L$ Balance: Whether to include your on-screen L$ balance in the snapshot.
    • HUDs: If enabled, any HUDs you might be wearing will be included in the picture.
  • Freeze Frame: If you click this, the entire scene will freeze (except particles) allowing you to capture that perfect moment, and then spend time in getting exactly the right camera angle. Uncheck this to disable the “freeze”.
  • Auto-Refresh: If enabled, the preview window will be updated every time you move the camera. Causes noticeable client lag while enabled.
  • Filter: Allows you to apply some interesting effects to the image. If you are interested in the technical details behind filters, refer to this SL wiki page.

The buttons below allow you to select where the image should be saved.

Save to Disk

Snapshot to Disk

Select the size of the snapshot from the drop-down. You can do the entire current window, or chose from several pre-defined sizes, or use a custom size, which you can type in below. 2)

Below, select the image format. You can select one of: PNG, JPG or BMP. If you select JPG, you will also be able to select the quality. Lower quality results in smaller file sizes.

Click Save to save the image to your hard drive. Click the down arrow to change to Save As if you want to select a folder for the image, and/or change the name of it. Cancel button (used in versions 4.7.1 and 4.7.3) or Selection button (used in version 4.7.5) returns to the main window.

Save to Inventory

Snapshot to Inventory

As above, you can select the size of the image to save to inventory. Note that sizes are constrained to square images, and powers of 2 (ie, 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, etc).

Click Save to upload the image to your inventory. Note that this will cost L$10, which you must have on your account. Cancel button (used in versions 4.7.1 and 4.7.3) or Selection button (used in version 4.7.5) returns to the Main window.

Upload to Profile

Upload to Profile

This saves the snapshot to your web profile feed.

Again, you may specify the image size. Furthermore, you can also type in a caption for the image, and indicate whether the in-world location should be included once the image is posted.

Click Post to upload the image to your profile, or Cancel button (used in versions 4.7.1 and 4.7.3) or Selection button (used in version 4.7.5) to return to the main snapshot window.

Upload to Facebook

Upload to Facebook

Clicking this will open a new window with multiple tabs. The active tab will initially be the second, Photo, where you will see a small preview of the snapshot, and where you can type in a comment to include with the picture.

If you have not yet connected your Facebook account, click on the Status tab, then the Connect button. More info on connecting to Facebook can be found on this SL wiki page.

From the Status tab, you can also make text-only posts to Facebook. Simply type in the What's on your mind? field, then click Post.

The Check In tab allows you to post your current SL location to Facebook, including some text about it.

Friends will show your FB friends.

If you wish to disconnect from your FB account, go to the Status tab, and click the Disconnect button. To remove SL sharing from Facebook, go to the App Center, find the Firestorm application, mouse over the app, then click the “X” on the upper right of the field. Click Remove.

Upload to Twitter

Upload to Twitter

Click this will open a new window, with two tabs, the first of which, Compose, will be active.

If you have not yet connected to your Twitter account, click on the Account tab, then click the Connect button. You will need to authorize Firestorm to post to your Twitter feed. More info in this SL wiki page.

Once the account is connected, you can write tweets on the Compose tab. Just above the text area, on the right, you are shown how many characters remain available for your tweet. The #SecondLife hash tag is supplied, but you can erase that if you like. You may opt to include your SL location, and/or a photo. Doing so reduces the number of available characters for the tweet itself.

Below, you can select the size of the image to include (if you have opted to), and where to apply any image filters to it. a small preview is shown under this.

Click Tweet to post to your Twitter feed, Cancel if you have changed your mind.

Upload to Flickr

Upload to Flickr

Clicking this button opens a new window for Flickr upload, with two tabs.

If you have not yet connected to your Flickr account, will will need to do so before you can post pictures. So click on the Account Tab, then Connect to authorize Firestorm to post to your Flickr feed. Further details on this SL wiki page.

Once you have connected to your Flickr account, click on the Photo tab. As with other snapshot windows, you have a small preview, and can set the image size, and apply various types of image filter.

Below the preview, you can specify a title for the image, and give a description. Optionally, you can include the SL location, and supply tags for the image.

Lastly, you should select the appropriate rating for the image. Please be sure to do this or you may find your account being “frozen” till you correct any incorrectly rated images.

Click Upload to post the image to your Flickr feed.

Send via Email

Send via Email

Here, you can send pictures from SL directly to someone via email.

In the Message area, supply the name of the person you're sending to, the name of the sender (your SL user name is filled in, but you can change this), a subject line, and a message.

In the Settings tab, you can change the size of the image to be sent, and also select the image quality. (Images will be in JPG format.)

The Cancel button (used in versions 4.7.1 and 4.7.3) or Selection button (used in version 4.7.5) will return to the main window.

NOTE: You can also take quick snapshots by pressing Ctrl-` - this just asks for a location in which to save the picture, bypassing this window entirely.
Note that giving a value which is larger that your actual screen resolution is not recommended; in some instances, this will result in artifacts appearing on the image.
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