There are two basic approaches to controlling where visitors to your estates appear: you can either use a telehub to force all visitors to appear at a preset location, or you can allow visitors to teleport directly to wherever they wish.

If you choose to use a telehub, you must disable Allow Direct Teleport on the Estate tab of the Region Details Window (top menu bar World → Region Details). In addition, you should clear any landing points that might be set for the parcels on your estate (using the About Land window's Options tab), as they can cause the telehub to malfunction.

If you choose to allow direct teleportation, you should disable or remove any telehub object that you have in your region. You can, however, use parcel landing points to give parcel-level control over where people appear when they teleport in. Configuring telehubs

Telehubs are controlled through the Region Details Window, on the Region tab.

To connect your telehub:

  • Right-click on the object and select Edit.
  • In the Region Details Window, click the Region tab.
  • Click Manage Telehub.
  • Click Add Spawnpoint.
  • Click your telehub object again, and click Connect telehub.

Here are some things to consider regarding telehubs:

  • Format: The telehub references an object on your Private Region or island. This can be any object, but generally it should be phantom and raised slightly off the ground (avatars arrive in the center of it). You can use any prim.
  • Movement: The telehub is saved as a bookmark to a specific object; it is not saved in the object itself. As a result, you may freely move your telehub object around; the telehub waypoint moves with it. However, if the object ever leaves the region (for example, you accidentally Return it or Take it to Inventory), the telehub waypoint is lost, and you need to create a new telehub.
  • Spawnpoints: You can create multiple spawnpoints for your telehub. Incoming residents arrive at one of the spawnpoints. To make spawnpoints:
    • Create transparent cubes at each location you wish people to spawn.
    • Place the telehub object in the middle.
    • Save the spawnpoints and connect them to the telehub. Spawnpoints are saved as offsets of the telehub (i.e. “two meters west and one meter north of the telehub”). As such, the objects used to create the spawnpoints may be deleted (though the telehub must remain as always).
    • Moving the telehub moves all spawnpoints as a group.
    • Incoming visitors are routed to the nearest spawnpoint or to a random spawnpoint (especially when the nearest gets overcrowded) chosen from the points you designated.
  • Permissions: The estate owner, estate managers, or owners of a group to whom the land is deeded can always freely teleport around the estate.
  • Multi-region estates: Each region in an estate can have its own telehub. If you'd prefer to have one telehub that functions for all regions within an estate, you can try defining a single telehub in just one region on the estate and disabling Allow Direct Teleport at the estate level.

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