Firestorm Viewer Layout

Die oberere Menüleiste kann bis zu 3 Reihen enthalten, abhängig von deinen Einstellungen.

Fenster Rahmen

Beinhaltet deinen Viewernamen inklusive Version, und deinen Avatarnamen.

2te Reihe

Das Hauptmenü

Avatar, Communicate, World, Build, Content, Help (displayed by default), Advanced and Develop (display is optional), Draw (draw distance, not on the Firestorm skins), Lindens, buy lindens, time, music note (start and stop music),play button (play or pause media) and volume controller (hover over it to open. At the bottom of the volume slider is a gear/sprocket. Click it to pull up the Master Media preferences.) The menus are all listed below.

Can now have your location shown in the top (menu) bar.

Right click any where on the top (menu) bar and you can enable and disable the following:

  • Show Navigation Bar
  • Show Favorites Bar
  • Show Search Bar
  • show Menu Bar Location

3rd Row

  • Arrows allow you to go back and forth between your current and previous location
  • Home icon will allow you to TP home
  • Land Shows you About Land
  • Sky is the Advanced Sky Editor
  • Location bar icon, (gives more info), name of the location, location rating, damage/health level, the star (add to LMs), Search bar, Arrow (gives full list of TP History)

With Navigation Bar enabled, right click and a popup will display with the following:

  • Show Coordinates
  • Parcel Properties
  • Add to Landmarks
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Delete
  • Select All

4th Row

Favorites bar
  • Drag a LM to keep for easily accessible LMs of the most used LMs.
  • Right click on the favorites or the Menu row and you will get a popup that has 'Show Navigation bar, Show Favorites Bar, Show Mini-Location Bar'
  • From here you can enable or disable the Navigation Bar and Favorites bar.
  • If 'Show Mini-Location Bar' is enabled then the Navigation bar is disabled.

Closed by default

Bottom (Tool) Bar

Chat bar for nearby chat (at the moment cannot be minimized - there is a workaround so cursor doesn't have to be focused in chat bar).


Left click on the arrow to bring up nearby chat. From this option, you will see that Voice Morphing is off by default. The Voice Morphing drop down box gives an option to preview it or you can go to the web-page and get voice Morphing.

Right click on the bottom bar to choose the buttons you want.

NOTE the starlight skins have some different icons.

  • Floater Options

* Speak button Starlight skins

* Gesture Button Starlight skins

* Move button

* View Button (camera controls)

* Snapshot button

* Build button Starlight skins

* Search button

* Map button Starlight skins

* Mini-Map button Starlight skins

* Home Button

* Profile Button

* Places Button

* People Icon

* Appearance Icon

* Inventory Icon

* AO


For voice. It is set off by default. Must hold to talk or enable in preferences.

Conversation Icons

When conversation is active, the person or groups icon will show in the lower right hand side. There is a small chat bubble will appear to show how many unread Conversations that you have. click on the chat bubble icon and next to each group tab, the number of unread conversations will be shown for that group.

  • For example: You have 5 conversations open. The chat bubble says you have 20 unread conversations. When you left click the chat bubble you see that 3 of them has numbers by them. One has 10, a second has 6 and the third has 4 for a total of 20 unread conversations.
Box (Gift) Icons

Located between the IM icons and the chat bubble Icon. When someone/something gives you something it will show up there. Click it to Accept, Discard, or Block (Mute).

Envelope (notification) icons

Shows the number of notifications that you have. Clicking on the icon brings up the list of notifications with a small burg about the notification. clicking on the notification will give you a popup with more detail and if there is an attachment you will accept the attachment from there just by clicking on the attachment itself.

Top (Menu) Bar

The Firestorm top (menu) bar is outlined on this page.

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