Tier is a key concept when it comes to virtual land ownership. It's also a concept many Residents find confusing. This page clarifies what tier means and how it works. In general usage, tier can mean a rank however in Second Life, tier refers to the maximum amount of land you can own on the Mainland (meaning you DO NOT need tier to own land on a private estate) it is measured in square meters (m2). Tiers don't have formal ranks, but to have a mainland tier you must have a premium account and enough tier available to cover the land size.

Note: Tier is not the land itself. It's your potential to own land.

  • Available Tier or variations like “free tier” (free in this instance means “it can be used,” not “free of charge”) refer to the remaining, potential land you can own, not counting land you already own. For example, “My tier is 1024m2. I own a 256m2 parcel, so I have 768m2 of free tier. If I buy a 384m2 parcel, that leaves me with 384m2of tier that's available.”
  • Getting Tier: In order to obtain tier it is first necessary to upgrade to a premium account which includes 512m2 tier, which can be used for a free Linden Home (a rather pretty home on a 512m2 parcel given to premium users for free by Linden Labs.) or Mainland elsewhere. You can get more tier by being a premium account and visiting the Land Use Fees page.
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