Edit Window - Content Tab

This page covers the Content tab of the toolbox window in Edit mode. This tab is shown in the image to the right. The upper section of this window is described here.

In Build mode, nothing here can be modified, as not applicable. In Edit mode, the fields will be unavailable if the object is not modifyable.

NOTE: The term “Object” is used to refer to a single unlinked prim, or to a linked set of prims.
Everything below applies to objects, or individual prims selected from a linked set using Edit Linked.
Note that the overall properties of a linked set are the same as the properties of the root prim. Also note that each prim in a linked set may have contents; you need to edit them individually to access the contents.

  • New Script: Creates a new LSL script called “New Script” in the Contents section of this tab.
  • Permissions: Opens the permissions window, which allows you to edit the next-owner permissions of everything in this object's inventory.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the list of the object's contents.
  • Reset Scripts: Resets any scripts in the object's contents (assuming the item in mod for you).
    Same as top menu → Build → Scripts → Reset Scripts.

The rest of the window shows the inventory contents of the prim or object. If there are many items in the object, this list can take some time to populate.

You can right click each item to get a popup menu:

  • Open: Behaves according to the specific item type: For example, Open previews a notecard or LSL script for viewing or editing. Does nothing for certain items like clothes.
  • Properties: Opens the item's property profile over your inventory window. You can change properties here.
  • Rename: Renames the selected inventory item, if it is modifyable.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected inventory item. If the item is copyable, no confirmation is given and you can't undo.

IF the object is moddable for you, you can drag items from your own inventory into this panel to add items to the object's contents. Similarly, you can drag items out of the object, into your inventory. Items which are no copy will be removed from the object's inventory; otherwise, they will remain and you will get a copy.

Objects inherit the permissions of their contents. For example: if you have a fully permissive object (ie, copyable, transferable and modifyable) and you add a no copy item to its contents, then the object becomes no copy. Similarly, if you add a no modify item to the object, then the item will appear no modify when taken into your inventory; your inventory shows the acquired permissions due to the contents of the object.

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