Toolbox - Terraform Mode

Terraforming allows you to edit the terrain of a parcel or region, assuming you have the rights to do so. You will have rights if you own the region; you may have rights if you own or rent a parcel.


When in this mode, your pointer turns into a bulldozer, over a grid. The grid size indicates how much of an area will be affected by your terraforming. You can change the size and the strength of the bulldozer tool by using the sliders under Bulldozer on the window.

Bulldozer tool

There are several terraforming modes available:

  • Select Land: If you click this, you can then drag a selection on the land, and then apply terrain changes within the selection.
    to do that, after having selected the land to modify, click on one of the effects below, then on the Apply button. You can click this repeatedly.
    If you do not use a selection, then the effects below will be applied dynamically as you move the tool over the land.
  • Flatten: Flattens the area of land. If you are editing manually, the starting point will be used, and all land you pass the tool over will be brought to that height.
  • Raise: Raises the land under the bulldozer tool grid.
  • Lower: Lowers the land under the tool.
  • Smooth: Smooths elevation changes to make the land more even.
  • Roughen: Creates uneven bumps in the land.
  • Revert: Undoes terraforming based on the last terrain bake.
  • Apply: Use this button to apply your edit option to the whole selected area.

Parcel Information

This section gives information about the current parcel.

  • Area: Displays the area of the current parcel, in sqm.
  • Price: Shows the currently selected parcel's price - if it is for sale.
  • About Land (button): Opens a window showing information about the current parcel.
  • ShowOwners: Highlights land parcels in different colors depending on who owns them:
    • Green - Your land.
    • Aqua - Land owned by a group you're a member of.
    • Purple - Land in the auction system.
    • Red - Owned by others.

Modify Parcel

The operations here require the use of the Select land function described above. You will need to select an area of land before using either of them.

  • Subdivide: Splits off the currently selected area of land into a new parcel.
  • Join: Joins two parcels into a single parcel. To select more than one parcel, drag the selection box until it partially overlaps both (it's not necessary to completely select both parcels). The resultant parcel will acquire the properties (name, description, etc) from the last parcel selected during dragging.

Land Transactions

Functions concerning the purchase and sale of land:

  • Buy Land: Click this to buy the current parcel - if it is for sale.
  • Abandon land: Abandon the currently selected parcel if you don't want it anymore and don't wish to sell it. Most people would rather not do this.
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