This window is accessed from PreferencesChat -> Typing. It is used to indicate whether you wish chat to be translated to another language and, if so, which service to use.

NOTE: The translator will translate what you and others type in nearby (local) chat, into the language you choose. It does not translate IMs or group IMs.

NOTE: Translation service is provided by external, third parties; as such, if translation fails to function correctly, it is not the responsibility of the Firestorm viewer.

  • Enable machine translation while chatting: Check this if you wish to turn on chat translation. You will then need to configure the service to use.
  • Translate chat into: Select a language to translate into.
  • Choose translation service: You may select one of two online providers to handle the translation:
    • Bing: It appears that Bing has totally changed their API, and that our connection to it is no longer functional.
      Ref. FIRE-6459.
    • Google: You need to supply an API key, which you can obtain from Google (click the underlined link to go to the web page; you may also obtain pricing information). Once you have done that, click Verify to have the key checked. After that, translation should be available.
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