For an overviewe of mesh upload, see this page.

This tab is the third step in the model upload process, in which you specify additional features on your model, such as textures.

When you have specified all the information you wish to on this tab:

  • Click Calculate weights & fee, then review the resource weights, prim equivalent cost, and Linden dollar cost of your model.
  • Click Upload to upload your model.

  • Scale: Increases or decreases the base size of your model. Increasing the scale of a model can result in an increase in resource and upload costs.
  • Dimensions: Shows the model's dimensions with the specified scale.
  • Include textures: Select to include the model's textures in the upload, and automatically apply them to the model. Each texture increases the upload fee by L$10. Uploaded textures also appear in your inventory inside a new folder in your Textures folder. The new folder has the same name as the uploaded model.

For avatar models only:

  • Skin weight: Select to include the model's skin weight information for the purposes of avatar rigging.
  • Joint positions: Select to include the model's joint positioning information for the purposes of avatar rigging.
  • Pelvis Z Offset: Set to change the vertical offset of a rigged mesh when it is worn on an avatar. Use this parameter to help properly align meshes that are not meant to be centered on an avatar's root location (pelvis).


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