If you find yourself suddenly starting to wear your entire inventory, here are some suggestions for how to fix the problem. Please do them one at a time; the initial methods are simpler than later ones, and will often work. If a method fails, then move on to the next one. Please also follow the instructions as exactly as possible.

Note: If you have RLVa (Remote Scripted Viewer Controls) enabled, disable it and relog before beginning the following steps. Open your Preferences (Ctrl-P or Avatar menu → Preferences), and go to Preferences → Firestorm → Extras. Uncheck “Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa)” and then relog.

Method 1

  • Open the Current Outfit folder (no, don't click on the Worn tab; find the Current Outfit folder), and shift select blocks of 10 or so worn items and Right click → detach from yourself.
  • Note: Do not attempt to remove too many worn links in one go, or you will likely crash or freeze. Also note that you cannot detach your skin, shape, bald hairbase or eyes links.
  • Detach everything showing worn in Current Outfit folder that you can and then delete all unworn links a few at a time (again, dont delete too many at once or you may freeze/crash).
  • Once you are only left with skin, shape, baldy and eyes worn, you may wish to empty trash as there may be hundreds of links in there.
  • Now you are safe to replace outfit normally

Method 2

If the above doesn't solve the problem, the fix below usually works - though it may need to be repeated a couple of times:

  • Make a temporary folder in your inventory; in that, put a *copy* of your skin, shape, hair base and eyes - and if you like, a base layer garment like jeans or a dress. NO PRIMS
  • Right click the folder you just made, and select Replace Outfit. No Add, not wear, but REPLACE
  • Once that has done, relog to last location - ie, back to Hippo Hollow.
  • Make sure you are still wearing only the things from the temporary folder you made
  • At this point, you can put your normal avatar back on.
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