Webroot offers an internet security software package that is meant to protect your Windows PC or Mac computer from threats coming over the internet. However, this software is known to cause severe issues with Second Life viewers (not just Firestorm), as well as other non-SL software. 1) These include:

  • copy/paste failing to work (see here for more info on that)
  • flashing screen
  • very slow rez
  • viewer freezes
  • crash on logout
  • “rainbow” textures all over the place

Method 1

The follow is a recommendation that has been received from Webroot via a Firestorm User.

  1. Log out of the viewer
  2. Go go your Webroot Configuration
  3. Turn off “Identity Protection” while using SL
  4. Log back into the viewer 2)

This is still a relatively newly received suggestion (May 2016) and as yet widespread results are unknown but it does appear to be helping in most cases

Method 2

If the above method does not help

  1. In the viewer, go to the Advanced menu at the top (should this not be visible, press Ctrl-Alt-D)
  2. Click on Show Debug Settings
  3. Type in: HttpPipelining - set the value to False, then close the Debug Settings window (do NOT click Copy or Reset to default)
  4. Wipe cache as explained on this page

Method 3

If the above method does not help

  1. Log out of SL
  2. Close all internet applications such as browsers, torrents, etc.
  3. Completely uninstall Webroot from your computer
  4. Reboot your computer
  5. Wipe cache as explained on this page
  6. Log into SL and test.
  7. If your problem is solved, you may want to get a different antivirus.
  8. Note: If you need to temporarily reinstall Webroot until you get a new antivirus, you may need to repeat these steps. Instead, you might want to temporarily use a free antivirus solution that allows whitelisting of the viewer cache.

The underlying problem here is that Webroot is blocking certain types of network connections; therefore, any real fix needs to come from them.

If you still experience rainbow textures this is an indication that your cache has been corrupted; please follow the steps on this page.
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